When you decide you are ready to move up, downsize or buy your very first home, Kathleen can help!


1. Initial Meeting

Meet with Kathleen to determine your goals, and evaluate your financial capability. During this step, Kathleen will find out what things are important to you in a house and an area. She will then pair you up with a financial professional to get you pre-approved for a loan if necessary so when you find that right home you are ready to go. Do you need to sell before you buy? We can help work through this scenario together. There are many creative ways to work around this issue.

2. Education and Identifying the Property

Kathleen will work with you to find the property that is best for you. During this process she will work to determine your purchasing power, educate you on various cities and neighborhoods and what you can buy and where. Once you find the right property she will help to make sure all of your questions are answered before making an offer.

3. Negotiations and Closing the Deal

Negotiations are one of Kathleen’s strongest assets. Identifying the property is just the beginning. Now, what will set you apart. Kathleen’s extensive experience with contract negotiations and respected reputation among her peers will give you the advantage to “win”.

Are you ready to get started?

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